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Here we have a 1989 Mercedes Benz SL300 that was in a very poorly state and required some 50+ hours of detailing and paint correction to bring back to life.

The owner of this bought it brand new when working in Hong Kong and brought it back to the UK several years later when he returned. Although it was his pride and joy he had not looked after the car as well as he could and it had got to the point were he had become embarrassed by the condition of the car.

As you can see from the photo’s below the car was suffering from heavy oxidization leaving the paint very faded and dull.

Vehicle received the usual wash and decontamination stages. The 22 year old build up of grease and dirt was patiently removed from the door jambs.

The rear plastic window on the convertible top was cloudy and starting to discolour and the fabric was faded so we addressed this issue by re-dying the top with Renovo and polished the plastic windows with Swissvax Vinyl kit 

Here is a 50/50 shot showing the difference made on the plastic windows – left side untouched and still cloudy and right side that was treated has regained clarity.

The interior was very grubby so seats were removed to allow me to thoroughly clean every surface within the interior of the car. With the seats out this also allowed me to fix some bolster wear on the drivers seat.

All the leather and vinyl was cleaned with Gliptone, a soft brush was used to work in the cleaner and loosen the build up of dirt from the pores of the leather. Once seats were clean several coats of leather conditioner were applied over 2 days to make them nice and soft.

All carpets and plastic surfaces were scrubbed clean with a All Purpose Cleaner and brush. 303 Fabric Guard was then applied to carpets and mats once they were dry to help against stains and make future cleaning of them easier.

Here is the bolster that was worn..

Here we are applying some dye to the bolster – few light coats were applied to give a natural looking finish.

and the end result looking like new again.

Interior all finished and looking “fresh” for a 22 year old car

With the interior done I moved onto the spare wheel that was in need of a deep clean. This was done using Espuma Wheel Revolution and Tardis. Tyres were dressed with Swissvax Pneu and wheels sealed with Swiss Autobahn.

All the metal and chrome found on the car was polished using Brillant Metal polishes. Below is a photo showing the difference made (right half polished).

The paintwork under went a 4 stage machine polish to fully remove the oxidation, scratches and swirls. Once this was complete the finish was sealed with a sealant and several coats of wax. Below are a few 50/50 photos clearly showing the difference made along with some “before & after” shots during the paint correction stages.

Bonnet before….

and bonnet after.

And the end result after 50+ hours of work….

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